Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter time!

I'm kinds into this song!

Love how freezing cold its been, yay winter.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

doin stuffs!

we did it! we moved! The house is amazing and we are really just trying to make it our own and make it less generic and what not. It is in a completely new side of town( well a few towns over) so its been sorta weird getting used to the area, but fun exploring. We found a great plant nursery close by and a sweet bakery. It's a little more suburbia then i'm used to over here but its our first place and we gotta start somewhere.

Right after we moved we had a vegas trip planned, so that was crazy. Hopefully we can get back to doing boring/fun house projects soon. Vegas was super crazy, fun meeting up with my NY friends and meeting new ones. Our hotel room had 2 huuuuge bathrooms and was nuts-thanks lauren. The trip flew by but we got lots of free drinks, hotel bar drinks, crazy buffet at the wynn and some sleazy downtown vegas action in. Vegas took our money and we felt like death on the way home but for once I'm not like "ill never go back!". I think I could do it again...Iphone photo dump}}}}

I think she likes it


moving fuel

she's been swimming almost every day

these guys

craaazy hotel room

party bathroom

lauren won 500$

so many baby desserts @the wynn buffet
l dawg and jaymers

west coasters and east coasters trying to find giant margaritas

this chandiler was nuts! 3 floors tall.
feelin reaaall tired and poor.

barstow del please give us the strength to make it home.


Friday, October 26, 2012

hanging in there


- we have been counting down the days until we move into our house, so sooooo excited.
-working again!
-taking a random LA family trip
-warm fall beach days
-celebrating good friends birthdays

Raven and Garen's wedding In San Juan Cap.

We took a chicks sporting goods reunion picture


st. simon and jude and our new pets


Hey rob!

Blake and his 1st limo ride, annnnd it broke down.

cirque de soieil was dope

me, darth and mama

I guess they felt bad and gave us an upgrade

view from our bed 

Angels flight

coolest buliding and view of LA

Me and my B, best wallpaper @ Trader Sams bathroom

Girls day out

excuse me miss, you can't sleep here

work clothes :)

Happy birthday Val!

dog beach yesterday, her favorite.