Saturday, July 28, 2012


We got to spend a week up in Seattle with Blake's family. It was super fun and we all got to stay in one big house rather than a hotel.  At night we all played games, watched our baby niece sleep and play with cardboard beer boxes, and ate so sooo much. Seattle is a pretty clean, fun city and we loved exploring every inch of it.  It was a little crazy with 11 of us, trying to get into small restaurants and navigating the busy streets but we managed and it made it fun dealing with all the craziness.  My family is pretty spread out and sorta small so hanging with Blake's family was so fun, even with a little bit of sensory overload.
 park & breakfast burritos 

the market has so many crazy smells
 she loved this

 These were giant.

 chowder in the hot sun :/

 hard to see, but BEST fireworks show on the 4th

Friday, July 20, 2012

gosh I love them

                                                                           oh Blake.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer so far..

So far summer around here has been pretty fantastic. 
 We've had a few parties, and way weird but fun High school reunion. We got drug to the reunion, but it was surprisingly crazy and fun and I was blow away with all the randoms being so friendly. We stayed out way too late and had to ride bikes home at dawn. oops. 
Anyway, I have also been loving the random dog beach days and running around in the waves with my pup. I do love the winter and sweater weather, but summer has been busy and fun.

                                            My brother hooked us up with fresh fruit drinks for my grad party.                                        

                                             Love these ladies and brother.

They made me. 

                                         HB dog beach
fuzzy ears

Vegas planning commission texts. 

Most recently we went Seattle! We went to visit Blake's family for a few days over the 4th and before our first anniversary in Palm Springs. We are still recovering from all the family action, non stop eating and cruising around the city. More pictures later!