Thursday, August 30, 2012

just hangin with Teemu

I have been a huge fan of the hockey for a while. Specially, The Anaheim Ducks and Teemu Selanne. Not very many people understand, especially in southern California.  Most people are into baseball( gag me) or football (meh). I can't wait until the season starts(if there is no lockout ) so I can get my fix and get to some games. 

So I got insanely lucky over the weekend. I got to meet, talk to and hug Teemu Selanne(!!!!). Blake and I went to the Fedorin cup-a charity Hockey game. It felt so good to watch some real hockey, even if it wasn't a real game. We snuck down to where the players were hanging out during the intermission and blake spotted Teemu.  I kinda froze up but knew I had to get a picture and finally get my jersey signed. He was beyond nice, and I completely geeked out. His broken english was too much. 
he was so patient, funny and nice.

yep, that's his hand on my shoulder


I think I was still shaking

Friday, August 24, 2012

Oldies but goodies

I was scrolling through pictures and was reflecting on some good times from this month at the fair and whatnot...

My family and friends drinking and enjoying cheap mexican food

little Lake

chub chub goats

best part about the fair-photo booths

Brother, sis-in law and me and blake <3


fried pb&j and fried cereal-totally weird, totally good