Thursday, August 30, 2012

just hangin with Teemu

I have been a huge fan of the hockey for a while. Specially, The Anaheim Ducks and Teemu Selanne. Not very many people understand, especially in southern California.  Most people are into baseball( gag me) or football (meh). I can't wait until the season starts(if there is no lockout ) so I can get my fix and get to some games. 

So I got insanely lucky over the weekend. I got to meet, talk to and hug Teemu Selanne(!!!!). Blake and I went to the Fedorin cup-a charity Hockey game. It felt so good to watch some real hockey, even if it wasn't a real game. We snuck down to where the players were hanging out during the intermission and blake spotted Teemu.  I kinda froze up but knew I had to get a picture and finally get my jersey signed. He was beyond nice, and I completely geeked out. His broken english was too much. 
he was so patient, funny and nice.

yep, that's his hand on my shoulder


I think I was still shaking

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