Monday, October 1, 2012

Things that we've done & things that we've seen, lately.

FYF was hot dude.


there was a fire somewhere and w/ the dust it looked like the apocalypse

errr, we aren't exactly festival goers but we decided to go to FYF to see Refused.
There were some other great bands there too, but refused stole the show. duh. All of the dust being kicked up was the worst and gave blake his asthma-it felt like we were stuck in a sand storm.  Besides the crazy dust, we had a lot of fun just the two of us. We bonded and felt like high schoolers again, it was sweet.

memorial day bbq 

we went to HAVASU! we got to get real weird with blake's stepsister and family. I guess that is what you  do in Havasu?

dream table@ city life furniture. its like 2,700 :/

Bachlorette party in Palm Springs over the weekend. Lots of fake wieners everywhere. :/

cooling off.  Her most favorite thing to do, my lil swimmer.


My sister and I signed up to start taking Ukuele classes from my friend Carrie. We have no musical background really, so we just kind of jumped in. It' so fun. There are some old salty sailors in the class so carrie said it's rad having us in class now to bring some ''young blood' to the class. :)

  Hope cools down soon so we can stop sweating all the time and wear hoodies and drink hot tea.  It's been death hot lately even at the beach. Time to go exercise and run with the dog. cheers!

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